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Gustav Magnar Witzøe  comes from the little Norwegian island Frøya outside of Trondheim. His father founded the fishing farm industry company SalMar, one of the world’s largest producers of farmed salmon, in 1991. Gustav is the sole heir of SalMar which he is now operating, as well as the main shareholder of the holding company Kvarv AS. He now ranks third on Forbes youngest billionaires list. 

Besides business investments in fields of technology, food and fashion, Gustav also enjoys sports and spends many hours on the tennis court. His role as an influencer within fashion has grown organically over the last couple of years and his social media following accordingly. Gustav has always had an interest in fashion and spends all the time he can in the fashion metropolises of the world. He is passionate about design and creative work, as well as social responsibility. Gustav’s philanthropical work also includes larger international projects. He started the humanitarian foundation W Initiative, dedicated to improving living conditions and increased opportunities for children and young people.

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