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Ada is a globally recognised top model scouted in her hometown Oslo, 2010. She was immediately placed in agencies worldwide and has worked full time as a fashion model for 10 years based in Paris and New York. Ada has worked for some of the most recognised fashion companies in the world, including Karl Lagerfeld, L’oreal, Steve Madden, Pronovias, Hogan, Commes des Garcons, Abercrombie and Topshop. But Ada has also made an impact outside the world of fashion. While modeling in New York, Ada has simultaneously been part of building one of the leading FinTech companies in the Nordic, Spiff. The savingsapp is built on sustainable values, reflecting Adas strong love for the environment and sustainability. 

Her impressive journey is a result of hard work and personal hardships. In 2019 Ada was praised for opening up about grief on the critically acclaimed podcast Powerladies, after loosing both of her parents to cancer. Later that year she spoke up about ageism in the fashion industry, and received wide support for her #WomenGetBetterWithAge campaign. Ada has been featured in Japanese Vogue, English Vogue, French Elle, French Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Costume and many more. Summer 2020 Ada decided it was time to put sustainability first, and changed her course to solely model for clients with sustainable values.

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